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JEFF E. WINNER is a music & film producer, researcher, and historian. He has written for the Oxford University Press "GROVE DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN MUSIC" (2nd edition), the MIT Press anthology "SOUND UNBOUND" (with Chuck D of Public Enemy, Moby, Scanner, and Steve Reich), features in "ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN" magazine, and liner notes for the DVD/CD series "OHM: THE EARLY GURUS OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC" (with Sonic Youth, Bob Moog, John Cage, and Brian Eno). Jeff was also editor & interviewer for "WE ARE DEVO," the band's only biographical book (Firefly Press), and is the Consulting Producer of the forthcoming official DEVO documentary film.

Since 1995, Mr. Winner has been a curator of The RAYMOND SCOTT Archives. His Scott projects include: the acclaimed "MANHATTAN RESEARCH INC." book/2-CD set detailing Scott's pioneering electronic music and inventions; the "MICROPHONE MUSIC" compilation of famous 1930s "cartoon jazz" immortalized in LOONEY TUNES, REN & STIMPY, and THE SIMPSONS; and the new award-winning documentary film "DECONSTRUCTING DAD," featuring multi-Academy Award®-winning movie score composer JOHN WILLIAMS ("STAR WARS"/"HARRY POTTER"), MARK MOTHERSBAUGH, and DJ SPOOKY aka Paul D. Miller.

Winner's current activities include an eclectic collection of "artistic" ringtones titled, "THE TELE-TONE PROJECT" with FRANK BLACK (The Pixies), THE RESIDENTS, DAVID J. (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), NEGATIVLAND, movie-soundtrack composer STEVE BARTEK (Oingo Boingo), and French music legend JEAN-JACQUES PERREY.

• CONTACT ⇒ EMAIL: info@JeffWinner.com

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